Relationship Obsession

I’ve given this a lot of thought. I think living in the United States especially … as well as the influence of social media, really encourages relationship obsession. Meaning that if you aren’t in a romantic relationship and posting Instagram perfect photos as “evidence” then there’s something wrong with you.

Disney movies likely don’t help with that— sewing the idea into young minds that not only do you need a relationship, but self-sacrifice is necessary. Just look at Beauty and the Beast. Yes, it’s beautifully animated and was one of my favorite films growing up, but after reflecting as an adult… it’s slightly disturbing. Somehow being captor in a castle ends up being romantic for Belle? It sort of drives home the idea that if you just stick around long enough with an emotionally abusive and scary/hostile guy, they’ll warm up to you.

NOTHING is worth your mental health and there’s no shame in NOT waiting for someone to act right. I wish I had actually truly known/believed that much earlier in my life.

Here is another blog I wrote on how to handle being single on Valentines Day. People seem to be much more acutely aware of their single status on and around Valentines day… and there is nothing wrong with being single. Spending some time unattached to get to know yourself and what you want as an adult is actually super healthy, despite what society seems to cram down our throats. Anyhow, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Much love

~*~ Natalie ~*~


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