SeaScape Saturday


Do not fear depth

The darkness can be frightening

But the sea cleanses itself.

It’s vast.



It can hold you.

It can hold your darkness–

And cleanse you of it

If you’re open to receiving the gift.


Nothing is more true than this for me. I feel so much joy and am my true self in the sea. And every time I leave the sea I feel more grounded, present, and at peace with myself and the world. Things that held power over me and dragged me down no longer matter. When I’m away from the sea and feeling down, sometimes swimming laps as fast as I can will suffice to have rage and other uncomfortable feelings leave me. Nothing works as well as swimming for me. It may not be exactly the same for you, but if you are looking to cope with anxiety or any other uncomfortable emotion, it is definitely worth a shot. Swimming just a couple times a week allows me to function so so much better.

Much love

~*~ Natalie ~*~





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8 thoughts on “SeaScape Saturday

  1. Your writing is amazing! And the way that your passion comes through, how you describe it, is captivating. Running was this for meβ€” running in natural landscapes. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it already lol.

    I’ve been doing badly for so long, and I even lost the ability to enjoy swimming. But I’ve been regaining control of my mind gradually, and in the last few days started to think about easing into it again! I’ve started with doing pressups today, and just that has a big effect on my mind. I watched some videos of my old self from 10 years ago, which I found in Google Drive! And reading this… I SO know what you are talking about here! Swimming did all this for me too. Swimming is like a meditation as well as an exercise, especially when you do it in a pool.

    It’s shocking to me to feel how unfit I am nowβ€” the least fit I’ve ever been! How difficult just doing 20/30 pressups is, haha. And that is Such a wonderful thing that having this need for movement, for swimming gives you, isn’t it? So much physical health and fitness (and metabolism!).

    Do you know the biggest reason I love your writingβ€” it inspires some of THAT feeling in me! The calmness that only swimming can bring to your soul! Sorry I’ve written so much, but it’s a big relief to me to find somebody who may just know what I’m talking about! πŸ’™

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    1. Thank you so much ! I’m glad you can relate. I sometimes become so frustrated when people don’t seem to understand when I try to articulate why I love swimming so much. Movement can be such medicine. I know that even when I’m not doing well mentally, some type of movement can take the edge off. Though I admit it isn’t always easy getting myself to initiate physical activity when I’m down.

      I’m glad you’re starting to get back to yourself ! That is such a process.

      I’m so happy and humbled to hear that my writing can give you even just a tiny bit of peace. Peace is always accessible to us, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. I try to remember that in my darkest moments.

      No need to apologize at all! I truly appreciate your thoughts and your words.


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      1. “I sometimes become so frustrated when people don’t seem to understand when I try to articulate why I love swimming so much.”

        β€”Yes! And I’ve had conflicts over this, e.g. at times when I HAD to go swimming, before a family thing.

        “Though I admit it isn’t always easy getting myself to initiate physical activity when I’m down.”

        β€”Same. I’ve been so impressed in these recent months how on Earth I used to swim every dayβ€”I used to have an incredible discipline based on knowing that it’d always be worth it.

        Your shared experience is really helping me to think more enthusiastically about swimming again, I really appreciate that πŸ™‚. I definitely need to go and work off all the tension!


  2. Thank you for the follow .
    It is my pleasure to follow you back .
    I really enjoyed this writing as I love to swim and the sea always give me peace and strength. .
    I grew up by the ocean , one of my great joys in life.

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