Faith in Humanity Restored

I tend to write about mental health, struggles, coping … all of which I am passionate about. However, on Wednesday of this week I beheld two beautiful incidents in a coffee shop that made me really pause. These brief moments of human kindness and connection really helped restore something within me that’s fights cynicism.

It’s nice to have my faith in people periodically reawakened. Anyway, the first moment…

I was in a Starbucks working with a mentor in the statistics for my dissertation. Engrossed, I was buried in my laptop and not paying attention to my surroundings. Suddenly he got up and I watched him take two steps to the table next to us. A mother of two young kids had some sort of visual impairment and was struggling, grasping for her guiding stick that fell to the ground. My mentor said “excuse me, I can help you,” and handed it to her. He came back to our table and got back to work seamlessly. It was lovely and I don’t think I communicated that. At. All. I think I literally said something stupid like “good eye,” but this stuck with me the rest of the day.


After my mentor left…One of the guys that settled in next to me ended up playing cards briefly with a local man that seemed to be known by everyone. He seemed to have some type of impairment. It was lovely to see someone take time out of their day to spend with someone who may not always get to interact with people. I just left feeling so uplifted. And I tried to carry that feeling with me throughout the rest of the week.

I hope these snapshots give you some hope too if you need it.

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