Angry Much?

Do you ever have one of those angry days when you are doing work in a public place like a coffee shop and you overhear conversations that just make you angry?

It’s not even offensive conversation.

It’s the fact that it’s so inoffensive that bothers you. Like what would compel people to talk about such meaningless shit? Why expend the energy? And then of course you have the token two people that knew each other from high school and one is trying to recruit the other into a pyramid scheme… it is just hard not to be cynical I suppose.

Anyway, I’m working on the go today, finishing up my dissertation and should be on track to defend soon. I’m so excited to be done because it will free me up to make more creative content for here and beyond. So stay tuned for that and here’s hoping that you are not as angry as I am today… lol


Much love


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