Quarantine Day 5

The title sounds like a science fiction movie. Sigh, unfortunately it’s not. I do want to share with you some more uplifting content and will likely also film a video to say hello tomorrow if I feel up for it. I’ve been playing with makeup as a creative outlet, so that has been fun, because I normally don’t have the time.

I always seem to pick up books at exactly the right time… for me. Right now I’m reading Plan B by Anne Lamott (and no, it’s not about the morning after pill). Here’s a quote that I’ve liked so far:

How are we going to get through this craziness?

Left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe.

I think that’s about as good an answer as any at this point. I’m thankful I can still go for walks. If you saw my post from yesterday, some wildflowers bloomed literally overnight, and you can see the two featured photos for comparison. Lovely. That alone gives me hope, that the Earth is still living and going through its cycles, despite the craziness that humans are right now dealing with.

Spring has seemingly come a bit early to western Pennsylvania. I went on my normal three mile walk today along country roads… it was around 70 degrees, but the weather is always a bit testy when the seasons change. For most of my route I could hear water rushing through the swelling creeks or trickling in newly formed streams along the road or in the woods. I bent down to touch it numerous times on my way… the water felt fresh and cool and clean despite all of the uncertainty lately.

I tried to make it back before it poured, but I actually got soaked and loved it. I was sprinting as it was storming for about 5 minutes and because it was so warm the rain felt good. I don’t think I’ve felt that connected or present for a very long time. Someone even offered to give me a ride amidst the whole virus thing when I was very close to my house. I said thanks, but pointed to my house and said I didn’t want to get their car wet for so short a distance. People are still people and are still kind. Today is still a good day.


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