Quarantine Day 8

I am trying my very best to hold on to some mental peace– and that always happens for me in nature. So I’m currently remembering hiking in West Virginia and swimming in this gorgeous creek (Glade Creek). The water was cold, but so so refreshing after hiking. Can you spot the two dark fishing spiders on the log? They may be hard to miss. LOL.

I’l let you in on a secret… I tried to “save” them from certain doom on the log in the middle of the creek, only to find out that they can quite literally walk on water! As I was moving the log to the shore to “help” them… I watched one scurry across the surface of the water. My stomach flip flopped, but! I felt silly for depriving them of a prime hunting spot on the water. So beautiful. Even creatures that tend to frighten me, I try to see as lovely.



When the weather gets nicer, I do plan to hike so long as it’s still allowed. There are some lovely places not too far from where I live.

What brings you peace at times like this?


Much love


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