Quarantine Day 9

I actually went out of the house today because I am a mental health therapist, which is deemed “essential.”

I would agree. Especially now.

I went to a deserted office to conduct telehealth sessions. The three that I had went pretty well, despite a few technology hiccups. It did kind of get to me– going to an empty office all by myself. It just… sunk in how serious this is, I guess… even though I already know that it is. Just being out when things are deserted felt off.

I’m hoping I’ll get to go on some walks later this week when the weather is nicer. That always helps me.


One thing that I’ve been pondering lately is an idea I found in Anne Lamott’s Plan B … God can be broken down as if it were an acronym: Gift Of Desperation. Sometimes when we are desperate and we are forced to do things a certain way, we learn things about ourselves. In times of stress certain things are laid bare. I’ve found this about myself too. It has shown me just how much I really do need to take care of myself, maybe more than the average person, to make sure I don’t slide back into old destructive habits. I may need to work extra hard during quarantine to keep up with eating well and exercising in order to maintain keeping anxiety/depression at bay– which I have worked so hard for by focusing on myself more recently.


Has this strange time laid anything bare for you?

Much Love

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2 thoughts on “Quarantine Day 9

  1. An unprecedented time of global grief — perhaps even eclipsing WWII’s impact on mankind. I also see it as a clear moment for man to open our heart to God, and trust Him to guide us through this season of grief more connected to God. While it’s terrible, it is also exciting to know that God only gives good gifts, so we can be confident He will show us the way.


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