Quarantine Day 10

Man, I really thought I was doing pretty well and then today lethargy hit me like a sack of bricks. Watch me talk about that Here.

I did end up finishing Plan B by Anne Lamott today. Not sure if I’ll do a full review or not, but suffice it to say that I loved it and it renewed my fervor for writing and ignited in me the will to try and not waste time anymore. So, with that energy and motivation I’m going to try to start actually making creative writing a priority again because that’s what truly makes me happy. It seems like one of numerous callings of mine that have become neglected over the years.

Here’s the quote that stuck with me today:

But you don’t know whether you’re going to live long enough to slow down, relax, and have fun, and discover the truth of your spiritual identity.

Time and experience should not be taken for granted as nothing is promised to you. It’s so easy to say “oh, I’ll have time for that later,” but later might not come. You have to act like later might not come, because if you don’t then you may run out of time. It’s scary, but also sobering and motivating. Figuring out who you truly are and living authentically as that person takes courage and I’m trying not to let fear rule me anymore because it has for so long. Have fun now. Love now. Do the things you’ve wanted to do now. (while maintaining social distancing…. LOL). ugh.


Be well



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