Quarantine Day 12

I’m in such a weird mood today. I woke up discouraged, but did manage to do some work. I went on my daily walk, apparently a tick found it’s way into my house (via my clothes) after I strolled through woods at the very end of my walk… but I didn’t kill it. I did manage to schedule some creative writing time for myself, I think it went a little better than yesterday.

Death toll rises

And life still goes on.

I never thought I would say that it’s not worth the risk to get carry out. It’s still so baffling to me. In many ways I think the world needed a reset. Not that it had to happen in this form… but I know I needed a reset and recharge that I would likely never give to myself. This situation in some ways has put things into perspective for me. Though I may fail at writing and becoming successful at it, my time here is limited and it is better to try than not… it’s so easy to put off things. I’m trying not to be like that anymore.

You’re so afraid of falling, that it’s keeping you from skiing as well as you could. It’s keeping you from having fun. – Anne Lammot, Plan B

It’s so understandable and needed to be cautious in life… but there is something to be said about thinking too much about things, or being too worried, it can keep you from being present, and actually being able to DO what you’ve set out to do. I try to not let worry rob me of joy anymore.  I hope you’re doing the same.

Much Love


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