Seascape Saturday

The sea holds wonders

Above and below

Horizons shift

Separate worlds

You come to know.



I chose this photo today because I’ve been feeling off-balance. Likely, I’m not alone in this. Part of me is exceedingly grateful for the change of pace and another part of me is just completely unsure of how to feel grounded/safe again. Most of the time being in nature helps, and I am trying to honor my disappointment surrounding not going to Belize in May as a celebration for finishing my dissertation/PhD. It’s hard to find energy to be creative and to finish work when the vibration of the world feels so heavy and wrought with fear right now.

The image above sort of looks like a tidal wave… I didn’t notice that at first. If the horizons/clouds weren’t off, it might be believable. My anxiety actually hasn’t been very bad lately, but when it is, it can certainly feel like a tidal wave is looming, hovering, just about to smash into me and rag doll me in to oblivion… but never quite does. It just jostles me around a lot until I can’t breathe. Sometimes I’m not sure which would be worse. But even when the sea does crazy things like that… it levels out again. I know everything will.


Much love to you



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