Blogust Day 2

When I have to stay indoors

and the sun is shining and the trees are waving

I feel like a little kid

Watching my friends play

I have absolutely always felt this way. And I was doing some more reflecting on what I wrote about yesterday, that maybe neurodiversity does fit for me, but at the same time I just didn’t feel emotional connection with anyone when I was younger (not really modeled by my parents) so I found that in nature? Likely.

What is also coming up for me right now is that I’m excited to start making YouTube videos. I have just been really drawn to create lately and I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been trying to take better care of myself or what–but I’m feeling a lot surrounding that. I also swam laps today, after 50 laps I used some fins so I really felt like a dolphin. It is the most wonderful feeling ever… the sensation of swimming quickly and the way your body and nothing else can propel you.

You should try it.

Much love to you


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