Blogust 3 Raw Process

Overall I’ve been doing really well lately. Eating better (intentionally) and taking better care of myself, but my mood took a dive today after becoming overwhelmed with two new class preps.

I tried to go on a walk but that didn’t really help. I would say I’m feeling inadequate. Scared. Scared people will think I’m inadequate. I can vacillate between extremes. Just the other day I remember feeling so proud of myself that I was chosen for this job and what a big deal it is. Feeling like just being myself was enough. I guess that feeling fluctuates and I guess that’s ok.

In your moments of doubt try to

* Remember when you felt valuable

* Understand that when people are mean to you it’s about their own pain and not you.

* Believe that the best things are worth doing imperfectly

* Allow yourself to make mistakes

* Be open to the process of self growth/evolving


Much love to you


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