Blogust 7: Watkins Glen, Ny


A pandemic doesn’t stop the travel bug from biting me… recently my partner and I drove up from Pittsburgh to Watkins Glen, New York, particularly for the hiking around the Finger Lakes. What a lovely area! We stayed at the Gorgeous View Motel, which was a very affordable option and just what we were looking for– a safe place to sleep amidst a week of hiking! And yes… it does, in fact, have a gorgeous view of the Seneca Lake. 

Very close to town is this gorgeous trail you see above at Watkins Glen State Park. Things to keep in mind: 

  • Go early in the day
  • Prep your legs/ass for stairs
  • Bring water and a snacky!
  • It is supposed to be one way due to COVID, so plan accordingly


We got up super early so that there wouldn’t be many, if any, people. We maybe passed one or two people and made sure we had masks on around others. But enough talk about the virus!

We would have gone early anyway to avoid any crowds and the heat. It was so beautiful to see the sun come down into the gorge area…but boy, be prepared for some steps if you want to see the entire trail/sights from different angles (it is well worth it). Much of the “trail” along the gorge is “rockscaped” but fairly easy to navigate even if you’re clumsy like me. 

The morning light through the gorge truly is breathtaking, we probably got there a little after 7 am? Well worth an early rise. We had the place nearly to ourselves. And believe me, if I say it’s worth it, it is. I am NOT a morning person. If you are in the area, this is a MUST SEE and while you’re at it– hit Seneca Sunrise Coffee. The matcha latte with oat milk is. to. die. for. 


Much love to you


One thought on “Blogust 7: Watkins Glen, Ny

  1. My god that place looks like heaven!! And Watkins Glen is a very familiar name to me because of the race track, I didn’t know it for this. Which is kind of incongruous, to think about the place containing those two very different things! Were there any swimming places?


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