Blogust 22

I somehow have survived my first week as a new professor during a pandemic. I was present for some of it, on autopilot for some of it, but I have to put some things in perspective. If I started this new venture even just a couple of years ago I am pretty sure I would be in a bad place right now, consumed with anxiety and fear.

Certainly anxiety and fear have popped up, but I don’t think they are anywhere near to the level that they would have been even a short time ago. I think I can mainly attribute that to a few things that broadly encompass taking better care of myself:

  • Drinking more water… between 40-60 oz a day
  • Eating less processed foods/gluten/dairy
  • Making a point to take time outside in nature
  • Moving my body whether that’s via swimming, hiking, dancing, or yoga
  • Trying to remind myself that I know what I’m doing.

When I told my therapist that I don’t think I know what the ____ I’m doing… with more … explicit words added.. she replied with, simply

“Yes, you do.”

And I think that’s helpful to remember. Even if it doesn’t feel like I know what I’m doing in a moment of anxiety, I really actually do. I’ll always evolve and improve as a teacher/clinician, but I actually do have something to offer. When I’m centered and present, I know that. But when I’m anxious and rushed I can get away from that truth. All of the things listed above help to ground me, so hopefully they can help you too.



Much love to you



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