I haven’t remembered my dreams much lately, but woke with two sticking out prominently in my mind, which is a bit odd.

  1. I was eating dinner on a river walk in my home town (Batavia, Illinois) with an ex and an old best friend. There was a child and mom in the booth behind us. Mind you, there is no restaurant at this particular place at the river walk, there were just random booths but we were completely outside. My ex and best friend were sitting across from me and we were having an ok time. The young kid in the booth behind us kept climbing over to our table, standing on my booth and like leaning on me. The first time it happened I just laughed off, but the second time the kid was like drooling on me and my food so I went off on the mother. Like, went off. And we actually had a physical fight in which I “won.” Idk what that is about. I would say that it felt familiar in the sense of people testing my boundaries and me needing to hold them firm.
  2. The only other one I remember is that I was in Chicago and found myself at this huge office building waiting in line to go upstairs to see someone important. I got chided for not standing in the right place, but when I got up to the desk I didn’t know who to ask for/who I was seeing, so I went back to the crowded lobby, embarrassed, thinking of calling my boyfriend to see if he could remember what I was doing. I sat down and the lobby of the office like, somehow suddenly became a church? Everyone was singing and I remember feeling out of place, and also noticing I was pretty much the only white person there. For whatever reason that stood out to me. A lady asked me if she could put her coat/glasses in my bag and I remember being super paranoid about the glasses getting squished so I kept checking and checking on them, which is characteristic of me when I have other people’s things. I would say this dream sort of represents me not feeling like I know what I’m doing/being worried that I’ll wreck something that belongs to someone else.
  3. A third one came to me as I was writing this!!! My mom and I were walking down a street and I realized I needed my transcripts, so we tried to go into this office but it seemed locked. We were able to get in just at closing and the lady said she could give me a print out because my ex kept ripping them up when they would come to our house (we never lived together). So frickin’ weird. I guess it’s just my underlying belief in dream form… that most people don’t want you to succeed?

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