I spent much of yesterday in the sun

You can see a clip of my day and some quick reflections here. I felt so grateful that I was compelled to make a video, which surprised me actually.

I was so at peace yesterday in the sun in between my meetings and providing counseling that my back didn’t hurt from stress. I felt fully present, aware, conscious, vibrant, and alive. Which is nuts to me because this is the busiest time in the semester yet I was still able to find myself and have a little peace. I’m used to anxiety taking over and dissociating … but that hasn’t happened for me in so so long. It’s almost scary, like losing a toxic familiar friend.

But I’m writing more than ever. Academically and creatively … hopefully the creative pieces of my life will take off. 10,000 words on my novel are finished. I’m shooting for 80,000 in a polished draft before I try to figure out what to do with it. Lol. We’ll see.

Things are changing for me. I’m changing. Or rather… getting back to myself and being seen.

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