Happy Thanksgiving

I’m trying to have myself some peace today so I’m forgoing a discussion about the problematic history of this US holiday. Forgive me for that and let me tell you that I’m grateful to be done with grading and this entire semester. It’s 55 degrees F here today and I went on a lovely walk. It was overcast, but the sun seemed to peak out just for me to warm my face at regular intervals. The corn that stood taller than me in the open fields has been harvested, with the remaining stumps the color of weathered yellow book pages.

I’m grateful for the fresh air and calm it afforded me. Not many cars passed me on the country roads. The quiet was appreciated. You could hear the wind, a creek, the sounds of shots fired, which used to scare me when I first moved to rural PA. Funny how things change.

I’m finishing up Misery by Stephen King. Though it’s not my favorite of his works, it’s helpful to see how he describes things and gets his story moving along in ways that keep you hooked. Some parts of this one were way over the top for me, but I guess that’s the point. Knowing his history about his accident gave me an interesting perspective about this. There’s some of him in the main character for sure, as there always is for writers I would argue. He has an interesting relationship with writing, like I do, and that came through.

Anyhow. I plan to blog more and make more videos over the next two months. Yay for that 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

      1. I am lucky actually to not experience continental winters. It’s weird to think the UK is an exception and most places experience continental seasons. The temperature swing over there between summer and winter is mind-boggling to me! We use summer tyres on cars all year round 😆. That doesn’t stop most people here complaining about the cold though 😆.

        And I know what you mean— it’s why I’m so impressed with people who do videos. I was getting that with just recording audio.

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