After the Storm


At the edge of the world

I used to picture myself sitting alone

This water color I did tonight — inspired by a beginner tutorial on YouTube. Though mine seemed to turn out a bit more forlorn than the original. Lol. I’m trying to be more creative as of late by working on my novel and painting. I actually did find the courage to film a new video but I have to edit it >_< we’ll see when I get that done. Lol.

I’m trying. Art and creating keeps me sane.

One thought on “After the Storm

  1. You do know that you are NEVER alone if you have a relationship with Christ! As a believer He places the Holy Spirit IN you to guide, comfort, alert you to evil and protect you from Satan’s deceits.

    As a follower of Jesus your eternity is secure in heaven with Him, instead of hell. Best choice in every respect.

    Have a Jesus infused day,

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