Cold Mountain Review (yes, spoilers)

I just finished this. Haven’t seen the movie. First and foremost, the descriptions of the scenery and interactions with nature are an otherworldly beautiful. There is no denying that. It was a pleasure to read.

I guess… my main issue with the story was that I found the “relationship,” if you could call it that, between Ada and Inman a bit unbelievable. Like Romeo and Juliet ? Only a day or two of interactions. A kiss. And then that sustains Inman through the war with no real promise of her waiting? I don’t know. If I bought more into that relationship I may have enjoyed the book more. Certainly I can understand infatuation. But. Idk.

There were many lovely and solemn lessons along the way, which I enjoyed. I liked seeing Ada learn to take care of herself (with Ruby’s guidance) and how Inman didn’t lose his empathy, which may actually have killed him in the end.

I have a bone to pick with the end. He had to die ? Really? What was the point of that? I saw on another person’s review that is the mark of a true tragedy, but throughout the entire book Inman showed his skill at getting out of situations where the odds were stacked against him … so once again I found his demise a bit unbelievable.

Even though I didn’t really buy the relationship between him and Ada I still anxiously awaited their reunion in the last like 40 pages of the book … I was left so unsatisfied, and maybe that was the point? Pretty bleak.

Here are some passages I loved — scenery ones were too numerous to count. Lol

Great wounds sometimes healed, small sometimes festered.

This has certainly been true in my own life. Some gaping wounds I thought would bring me ceaseless pain have completely healed, whereas smaller slights nag at me.

God lays the unbearable on you and then takes some back.

This was in reference to great tragedy and then not remembering the awful details anymore. This was the case for me after watching my grandma die. That very evening it was as if I had this mental block where try as I might, I couldn’t call to mind the most distressing moments of the previous 24 hours.

Anyhow, I do think this is worth a read. I found myself bored through the middle at times and then very interested again near the end.

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