Seascape Saturday

If I could wander forever

That’d be fine by me.

Find the perfect balance

Of sun, shade, and sea.

Today has been hard for me and I can’t concentrate on much. I found out that a friend of mine and fellow writer is in the hospital… intubated due to COVID. He and I met up a few times to talk writing, he has published a few spooky books. I used to work with him at a drug and alcohol rehab center and he was always hilarious, helpful, and kept the atmosphere calm. I am trying to stay positive and think if he gets out of this he’ll have even more inspiration for writing, but it has been rough when it doesn’t seem like people take things seriously with the virus if they have just one point of data saying “it’s not so bad,” or “everyone will get it,” or… “pre-existing condition.”

Let me posit… should people with pre-existing conditions JUST DIE THEN? Do you want to find out you had another condition due to COVID and DIE of complications? No?

I like to assume that people are in general resilient and healthy. For the most part, I think, people are … and that’s wonderful. But especially now that there is a vaccination… no one has to die.

Life is short and today just put in perspective how short it actually is. Try to do the things that you want to do. Put time and energy into them. I know I’ve started to be more intentional about a lot in my life… I need a lot of work, but… this has been another wake up call.

Much love to you all.


3 thoughts on “Seascape Saturday

  1. I’m really sorry Natalie :(, that’s so frustrating and painful. I keep being thankful and feeling lucky for not having known anybody who’s needlessly died from it, especially when we’re so close to a solution. The COVID situation here is so absurdβ€” it’s been building and building dramatically worse the closer we get towards vaccination, creating this idea of a ‘race’ to vaccinate to avoid total crisis. It was so self-imposed and arbitrary. Our health system is almost overwhelmed, and is unavoidably about to be overwhelmed now.

    You’re right about the idea of people wanting to excuse themselves from worry based on one point of data, it’s such a common theme with humanity. I am always questioning how do I go forward positively in such an unethical world?

    I’m really hoping for your friend πŸ’™.

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    1. I feel like it’s that way here too. Being a mental health worker, I will probably get the vaccine sooner than most others… everything has just been aggravating me and I get that people have cabin fever from staying in… but I dont think that’s a reason to be so selfish and reckless.

      I ask myself the same thing.

      Thank you ❀

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      1. “but I dont think that’s a reason to be so selfish and reckless”

        Yes exactly, it’s a reason for people to look out for each other. It does take imagination and empathy to consider putting yourself out for others’ gain, or to prevent others’ loss, and it’s obvious from society that we can’t rely on that from too many people 😨.

        Do you know how he is now? πŸ’™

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