Harry Potter and the Half Blood🩸 Prince – Review

Finally finished this one. Time got away from me during the semester as usual. Wow. This one may be my favorite of the series, though everyone seems to like the third one.

The Half Blood Prince is pretty dark though. I found the last parts where Dumbledore drank that green liquid and his subsequent demise particularly hard to read. And I’ve read some scary dark books in my day. But. There’s something so forlorn about losing a mentor.

I do like how the romantic relationships develop in this book, it seems natural, fluid, in line with the characters.

There are a few bones I have to pick though. I find it hard to believe that no one thought vanishing cabinets may cause trouble at some point. Also the ability to disaparate seems like, a logic problem. I know students typically aren’t allowed to do it at school, but I should think that fighting off of school grounds or getting to people would be… Idk. Easier than it appears? I may be forgetting something though since it’s been a while since I read the earlier books that set up the magic logic/rules. I also didn’t particularly like how a large chunk of the book seems he like … dialog explaining things to people? Like theories about things? Maybe that is needed… maybe not. But I just felt like there was a bit much of that. Maybe I needed it to follow the plot though. Lol.

The bit about the prophecy kind of confused me. I think Dumbledore was getting at that the prophecy was only real and set in motion because Voldemort believed it to be true and heard it? Idk.

And then on somewhat of a side note, I do struggle with the things that JK Rowling has said about trans folks. I wrestle with myself because I grew up with Harry Potter. Loved the stories and movies, certainly looked up to Hermione for the most part … so to feel like I “shouldn’t” like the books anymore is rough. It’s hard to hold an artist separate from their art, if that makes sense.

Is there diverse representation in the books? Not really.

It’s just hard for me to reconcile nostalgia and what she has said in present day. Maybe she has changed her views since the last time I looked at her tweets on the matter, I don’t know. And I don’t care to waste energy looking at the moment. But it’s something that has weighed on me. Almost feeling guilty for enjoying the books still. It’s strange.

Anyway. If you’ve read this one let me know what you think !

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