Seascape Saturday

Sea cradles all inhabitants

does not hide its compassion

nor fury

nor power.

It’s pure presence




Its lesson is that change is constant

suffering dissipates

joy is transient

but you can honor the experience of it all

in constant flow.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful for being able to go to the sea… I’m going to Hawaii in July, and it has never been more apparent to me how I need to commit to regular trips to snorkel (when it’s safe to do so, obviously… damn COVID). Anyway. I’m so grateful for friends that hooked me up with a deal and I want to make a commitment to myself to go to the sea at least once a year if not more from now on. I’ve been trying to do it, but the urgency due to being away for so long due to covid has started to hit me more recently. Soon. I’ll be back… and with more pictures for you all ! ^_^ And no, I’m not reaching out for help in the photo… I’m waving. I love free diving so so much and can’t wait to get scube certified this summer !

Much love


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