Seascape Saturday

My favorite place to be

Just look at that blue!

[Belize pictured above… Turneffe Atolls a starfish and a starfish lubber]

So today my boyfriend and I did our first 2 open water dives at Crusty’s Quarry near Volant, Pennsylvania for PADI certification. Two more to go!

I’m comfortable in the water snorkeling, but diving is still new. We did well today and completed our skills. It was neat to see freshwater jellyfish!! I never would have guessed that that was a thing… especially in Pennsylvania. It has been raining so visibility wasn’t great at the quarry today, but we did get to explore some of the “wrecks” underwater and see fish along the way. We’ll be back.

This just opens up a whole new world for me to enjoy and explore the water. Scott’s Scuba Service in Freeport, Pennsylvania has been phenomenal and I do plan to go on some of their group dive trips in the future. I don’t plan to stop snorkeling by any means, but adding diving to my list of favorite things is definitely in order πŸ™‚

Max depth reached today was 23 feet. Not super deep, but, I do think I still need a lot of practice equalizing my ears and working on my buoyancy skills. It’ll come with time, and I’m so fucking excited.

Much love to you and I’m sure many more seascapes to come



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