Scheduling Anxiety

It seemingly never ends… with my split position between clinical work and teaching it just feels like there’s any endless slew of schedule conflicts for me to deal with and constantly feel like I’m failing one aspect of my position.

So we’re trying to finalize schedules for the fall and I get an email from one colleague that I need to increase hours in one area. No problem. Identified four hours I would have open. Then get an email later in the evening saying that my chair will call me with an update to my schedule.

Classes start next week.

So I’m in panic mode like, what does that mean? I hate that. But I contained myself a bit better than I would have in the past and was just like well. Nothing I can do. If she doesn’t call I’ll email her tomorrow. I would have been worried sick if this had happened years ago but at this point in time I’m just like well. There’s only so many hours in the day and I’m one person. Tell me where I need to be and I’ll do it. lol. Sometimes exhaustion actually works in favor of my anxiety because I just don’t have the energy for my brain to be on overdrive.

I was pretty relaxed this summer though so I’m not to that point yet lol. >_^

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