Do you really, 100%, trust others?

Is it possible to completely trust another person? Maybe with some things but not others? People disappoint each other, unintentionally and on purpose, that is just part of being in relationships with others.

I’ve been struggling lately with the extent of my trust in people (and it isn’t a whole lot to begin with, mind you). My therapist today made an interesting connection and actually mentioned how I trust my relationship with nature and I can channel strength from that. I thought that was helpful, though sometimes I still feel disconnected. And even if you do have a really good relationship with God, or however you understand a higher power, I think it makes sense to still want to have trusting intimate (not just sexually) relationships with other people. But I’ve been struggling a lot with that lately for a variety of reasons, some rooted in the history that I have with others.

Here are some tips that may help you trust others

  1. Recognize that trusting usually has gray areas and isn’t an either or
  2. List things that you do trust a person with
  3. Work to trust yourself, your own intuition, and your own judgement

Some times what I come up with though, is that I’ve gone as far as I can go in trusting people and maybe I should just live alone in a place by the sea. There is nothing wrong with that type of life, but it’s just hard when you’ve desired connection with other people and feel let down a lot.

How do you come to trust or rebuild trust with people? When trust is broken for me, it’s usually forever. With maybe one or two exceptions.

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