Divergent Paths

Sporadic posts

Wondering if you’re still the same

Recalling 4th grade sleepovers

And how your best friend was jealous

That I was a new best friend

I saw your face for the first time


On social media

You look tired

But not from lack of sleep

I remember a lot of things

the fun

the betrayal

the different paths we took in life

If we met for coffee like you offered

I wonder what we could talk about

Would there still be a connection left?

4 thoughts on “Divergent Paths

  1. Ohhh. I met a childhood friend for the first time since childhood in 2019. In fact he offered to let me stay with him when I needed somewhere to stay. I stayed for a few days, and I was glad I did it. We’d both experienced a lot of challenges, but we managed to chat normally despite that and I enjoyed it. Was interesting to catch up. In fact everything you mentioned in this post was relatable to the childhood situation lol.

    Anyway, my perspective is you can’t really go wrong in meeting. If you don’t have a connection, no worries, it shouldn’t tarnish the childhood memories :). It could just be a one off. And you never know something good may come of it for either of you.

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