Trauma Activation

Wow… the last blogust post. This sort of went fast. Some days I struggled to think of what to write about, other times it was easy. I will try to keep up with posting often. I think it does help to get my thoughts out.

I think I have to realize that trauma activation doesn’t always mean panic attack. It can mean thinking that your friends don’t really like you, that you’re doing something wrong, that YOU are somehow wrong, that you’ll make a mistake and everyone will leave you, that something catastrophic will happen based on one action you take… I think these thoughts get imprinted in us early on if we’re on edge and our fight or flight is often activated. It helps to KNOW that you may be more susceptible to trauma activation and fight/flight/freeze response… but then what do you really do about it?

  • Reality testing. How likely is the worst case scenario to happen? If you’re so activated that you’re unsure, ask a friend. I do this sometimes and even if I’m still activated after the conversation, it can still help
  • Do some body work. This can include deep breathing, yoga, something to get you back and safely embodied. I struggle with this at times and often just want to sleep.
  • Use a HEALTHY distraction like listening to a good audio book or tunes and NOT comparing self to others while mindlessly scrolling social media.

If you’re trauma activated, how long does it last? Do you even label it as trauma activation or just discomfort/panic? How do you take care of yourself?

Much love


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