Two Faced

I’ve got pretty good at spotting two faced people a mile away.

Their words don’t match their actions.

They tell the truth, or, more likely, partial truths when it suits them.

A lot of the time this type of thing develops because people are too wishy washy to take a stand, or they just like attention and playing both sides. Not necessarily even in romantic connections, but friendships too.

Whenever someone tells you one thing, but does another, run. Run away. And stay away.

I’ve gotten so much better at this.

One thought on “Two Faced

  1. This is awesome! When you’re sensitive to the signs and able to interpret them, it’s like a superpower. I feel like I can see through people these days whether they are transparent or not, lol.

    Not everybody is blessed with either the sensitivity to spot these things or the ability to interpret them, or to be bold enough to stick with the interpretation.

    “people are too wishy washy to take a stand”

    Yeah…this is something I can never get along with lol. And totally agree on the running part 🀣.


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