My relationship with nature

I find it odd how some people feel entitled to land. How can you claim to own something like that? The more I think about it the more absurd it seems. Owning land. Like owning a living thing, a soul, a being, owning something that sustains you no less. What a western human concept, reminiscent of the entitlement we as a society seem to feel toward women’s bodies, I would argue.

Owning. What does that even mean and where has it gotten us? What about stewards or caretakers of the land? How about that.

It’s funny, whenever I have to move living situations, I never grieve the house, but I’ve wept for no longer having access to nature spaces that have held me in my sorrow more consistently than any human. When I was small I would conceal myself in the garden, roses stretching above me. Then I graduated to the forest and the sea, swimming in quarries, finding myself nestled sandy or grassy patches of Earth on which to rest and neutralize the utter ridiculousness of human follies that get to be too much for me.

What I mean to say is:

How can you claim to own a friend ? A friend without which you would cease to exist ?

2 thoughts on “My relationship with nature

  1. Completely agree! Thank god for your blog. I’ve ALways felt this too. With both land and pets the idea of ‘ownership’ makes no sense. I mean with pets the word ‘owner’ also has a functional use but I mean a way of thinking about pets which objectifies them as anything other than friends and equals. Or the idea of animals in general somehow being ‘beneath’ humans, a default presumption of humans having higher value etc. I’ve never understood it nor adopted it. *sigh* it’s not easy being this way, is it? Lol, even though it’s the easiest way of being ever. But just feeling so contradictory with popular culture.

    And man there is so much to learn about animals, such as wales and elephants, they have such rich worlds. Whales haunt me, they are tantalisingly interesting.

    Also feel the same with living places, I’ve never felt sentimental about the actual building.

    “When I was small I would conceal myself in the garden, roses stretching above me.”

    This is such a cute picture hahahaha 😍.

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    1. Oh! Thanks so much for saying you value my blog. Really needed that today. I value you !

      It’s definitely not easy to think this way. I do wonder if in other “non western” cultures, these views are more prominent and accepted? I mean in my mind … we wouldn’t survive without the earth. Literally. So why are we operating under this false pretense of ownership. The earth doesn’t exist to be owned. It’s wild. It can’t be owned. People are kidding themselves. Tell me about how you own land during a landslide. What happens ? The dirt that shifted a mile away is still yours ? Lol

      I love marine life especially. Swimming with wild dolphins was one of the best experiences of my life.

      Lol many thanks ♥️


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