Creative Writing

Seriously, sometimes I feel like it’s the bane of my existence. It calls to me and then when I actually find time to do it, my muse has fucked off somewhere lol. It’s horrendous.

I’ve been looking at different options in terms of taking undergrad courses or even entering into an MFA program but it’s hard to think about balancing that. Would a low residency program really be worth it? Do I even have any stories worth writing? I used to think so. I used to write all the time, especially when I was younger. But maybe that was just to process things for myself, mentally, by writing them out. I don’t know anymore. Sometimes I worry I may romanticize, and be more into the “idea” of being a writer than actually doing the creative writing thing. Still, I keep coming back to it.

I wish I had pursued it more fully in the past. Believed in myself enough to do it. Because at least in my circles, no one has encouraged me to do it lol. Not growing up anyway… more recently the people I’m surrounding myself with seem to be more invested in me. It’s just so overwhelming researching different programs. I’ve been devoting time to it most weeks, but it’s hard to know what would be right for me. I have some friends who are helping me along the way, but the idea of embarking on another academic journey is daunting. Maybe I don’t have to do that? But the problem is I haven’t had much luck in staying on track without a lot of structure. Sigh. We’ll see how this pans out.

5 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. To be fair, you really don’t need any qualifications or prior education to pursue any branch of writing. I’ve written for a living for more than a decade, and traditionally published a novel without even finishing secondary school.

    The only reason to study, I feel, is if you genuinely have an interest in the subject and want to study it just for the sake of learning. Other than that, I don’t think it’d benefit your craft much if you haven’t started on your own accord.

    Either way, wishing you all the best on your writing journey!

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  2. I’ve got so much to say! I’ve almost got the time to be able to read blogs again. I miss yours!

    You’re a talented writer and empath regardless so along with creative inspiration anything is possible. You definitely have the personality and perspective for it.

    I think your life may be too busy and goal oriented to have the time for it. What I’m doing is challenging myself to write very short stories occasionally. It’s the best I can do for now but allows me to indulge in it and practice to some extent! I recommend it, it’s fun to come to with short impactful stories and there’s no investment. I think it’s great practice for longer writing too. Teaches you to be deliberate.

    The shorter pieces can then inspire longer ones later on.

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    1. I also think you are so used to depending on structure which can be an autism thing. I always found doing open ended things in my spare time impossible actually. Then I had a breakdown and couldn’t do any of it hehe. It’s our lifestyles killing creativity!

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      1. YES! exactly!

        Funny you say that, I’ve had so many autistic friends of mine say they think I am and that self identification is a thing and I should just chill and work toward acceptance lol. I was actually going to write about that in a blog soon.

        Hope you’re well!

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    2. I really appreciate that. A lot in my life has changed lately and I do hope to write more regularly here. It helps me a lot.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. It means more than you know. I had always fancied myself a writer but felt like it was some aloof thing….I just couldn’t do. We’ll see.

      Balancing creative writing with an academic career has definitely been challenging, we’ll see if they are compatible lol

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