Seascape Saturday?

It has been a while.

I was doing pretty well, or so I thought, up until just about this past week or so in the semester. So, at least I made it farther than I normally do until the burnout hits. A fair amount of my autistic friends have mentioned that it could be autistic burnout… or maybe it’s just seasonal depression, as we went from 70 degrees to 30 in a matter of a couple weeks, and I haven’t been walking outside in between meetings/work obligations like I normally do.

While I have submitted a few things to writing contests, I haven’t been able to really establish a writing practice as I would like. So that will be a goal of mine over the winter break… along with taking better care of myself than I have as of late.

It was just SLAM!

No energy. No wanting to socialize. No interest in anything. Like damn… maybe I wasn’t doing as well as I thought? Or maybe I’m just more affected by the weather than I realized I don’t know.

I named this seascape saturday because I want to try to reinstate that practice. Also, it’s as if my brain is trying to help me.. I’ve been dreaming of manta rays and whale sharks. Maybe I’ll have to take an impromptu adventure to the ocean over break for my own sanity. We’ll see.

How do you deal with seasons changing, if they do, in your region?

Much love



8 thoughts on “Seascape Saturday?

  1. Our seasons are extremely tame here and I love them. Honestly can’t imagine the extremes of continental climates! Or the dryness of the air inland. Anyway each season brings me distinct nostalgia for different memories, with winter being the strongest sensory sensation for me. We barely even had any frost last winter actually, so nothing gets disrupted by weather.

    Downside here is dealing with dampness and needing to keep the home well ventilated, which means foregoing warmth sometimes!

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