The last week has been filled with me grading finals papers/projects with next to no energy. The second to last final I graded really moved me. It was for my Human Sexuality course and the student presented on intimacy during hospice care, as she is a hospice worker. She emphasized how hospice isn't just for [...]

Grieving and CPTSD Healing

Even though I've intuitively known this... going through it my self has made it that much more real, and interesting. To heal from relational trauma, you have to grieve. May seem like, well, d'uh. But you might not realize all you have to grieve. It's not just a recent relationship. It's what you didn't get [...]

Tango tango

Despite having cancelled plans with a few friends lately I did end up making it to a couple ballroom events I had tickets for this weekend. I got some feedback that my tango is getting better and I’m holding my frame more… what an interesting thing to realize—How you dance reflects a lot about you [...]