Locate the fossil

Knowing the story wasn't necessary for me to begin work. I had located the fossil; the rest, I knew, would consist of careful excavation. -Stephen King, On Writing This is wonderful and helpful. Sometimes I get so caught up on having everything outlined and figured out that I don't trust the process. If my idea [...]

Must. Write.

I'm reading Stephen King's memoir "On Writing" and it's about time. I always thought that this may inspire me, help me along, and encourage me to finally pursue something longer than a poem or short story. I'm not finished with the book, but something did strike me. He says that with hard work a competent [...]

Even Storms Pass

You may feel like the storm, constantly twisting and turning in on itself and dissolving. You may worry that this storm will destroy you and that you'll disappear afterward too. Storms can be beautiful, but you are not the storm. You are the entire atmosphere.

Sustains You

If nothing else inspires or sustains you today Rest in knowing that nature can hold your problems Your fears With kindness and without judgment. The sun is not stingy with its warmth On days when people disappoint. If you lie in the forest or the fields You'll find expansiveness. The ground can hold you up [...]