Even Storms Pass

You may feel like the storm, constantly twisting and turning in on itself and dissolving. You may worry that this storm will destroy you and that you'll disappear afterward too. Storms can be beautiful, but you are not the storm. You are the entire atmosphere.

The Edge

Feeling on-edge is uncomfortable. You are groundless, about to free fall, but edges are beautiful. The coastline allows forms to meet, collide, and dance. Transformation and transcendence occur. When you find your edges and muster the courage not to back away. you too can be transformed.


Your to-do list taunts you And you find no relief from checking anything off Crossing anything out Or obliterating the task with ink. Fear consumes. Normal daily tasks overwhelm And you doubt your ability to do The most menial of things. You mindlessly compare yourself To others you know nothing about, But somehow, you should [...]