Wellness Wednesday

I try to allow myself to take credit for things I've done well, but it's hard to feel good about myself sometimes. I passed my comprehensive exams without needing revisions and defend them orally tomorrow. It's hard not to feel like the faculty went easy on me or something, but I'm trying.  And after someone [...]


Wellness Wednesday

Not doing much better since my post last night, but I do try to hang on to the fact that there are some days that I do well and that when some things in my life straighten out over the next year or so I'll probably be better able to take care of myself. I [...]

Anticipatory Anxiety, What a Joy

On the eve of my final semester of classes for my doctorate program, er ... It's not even evening yet. It's the afternoon. Anyway, I'm already plagued with a right chest and worried about making a fool of myself and already thinking that I'm doing something wrong or forgot to do something or will be [...]

A Childhood Friend’s Passing

Having moved around so much ... I lost touch with a lot of people and was out of the loop evidently. A guy I used to be very close with in middle school/high school died in a car crash in May and I just found out late last night. We lost touch, but followed each [...]

Monday Musings

Sylvia also laments feeling like a piece of meat with men. Is it impossible to have the star-crossed connection when someone loves your thoughts, feelings, soul, and then by proxy loves your body? No, not impossible, but I get the discouragement and disillusionment that comes with efforts thwarted and then settling for love with the [...]

Plans Trigger and Rant

More and more I see how much making plans with people triggers me, or rather, the process of making plans does. Case in point: a friend mentions that we should meet up this week (saying this last week). We pick a day and time and then it is never mentioned again. The day passes without [...]