Neurodivergent Well-being

I didn’t blog every day in August, so maybe I’ll try the last month of 2022. Greetings. I’m alive. Sort of. In some ways this year has been the best and the worst. I’ve done so much that I’ve wanted to do but have had some hard realizations … including that the world is not [...]

Trauma I’ll Never Understand

It's hard to teach a trauma course. I know about a lot of trauma, personally and professionally, but it's intimidating to teach about trauma that I'll never fully understand. Like racialized trauma. I don't know what it's like to live in a world or country where people who look like I do are in danger. [...]

A Moving Conversation

Most powerful conversations happen to me seemingly at random. I spoke with a colleague and friend today to pick her brain about getting tips for teaching an upcoming class. We somehow got into a conversation about exercise and how academia will allow you to work yourself ragged if you let it. I recalled seeing a [...]


It’s not something that I would normally describe myself as. I do want to memorialize this moment in time. It was before my dissertation defense and I WAS feeling confident. And yes I took off my blazer because I was hot and put it back on before I defended my dissertation via zoom. Lol I [...]

Seascape Saturday

The sea holds wonders Above and below Horizons shift Separate worlds You come to know.   I chose this photo today because I've been feeling off-balance. Likely, I'm not alone in this. Part of me is exceedingly grateful for the change of pace and another part of me is just completely unsure of how to [...]