Seascape Saturday

  A moment's pause can provide just enough clarity to allow your truths to surface. The world may appear dull grey but when the sun illuminates richness unfolds magic happens authenticity prevails.   Like what you see? Consider tipping me a coffee here. And many thanks if you do.   Much love to you. Natalie

I can’t sleep

I've been getting back in touch with myself and it's a good thing. It has involved changing how I dress, act, speak, wear my makeup--- everything. so as to be more authentic. I know there's a time to be professional but I'm becoming much more comfortable expressing myself and not hiding who I really am--- [...]

Telling Others About Your Mental Health

The decision to divulge information about your current mental health status can be a terrifying and yet liberating prospect/endeavor. It can help you toward living authentically without shame, but you always run the risk of people not reacting well. Click here to read my tips about how to go about your decision-making process to tell [...]