Awesome Blogger Award

Honestly, I am still in a daze from last week when I successfully defended my dissertation... Dr. Natalie? What? My plan still stands to be more active on here now and share more regular mental health-related content--but! I am so so happy to have been nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award by Tamara from Purple [...]

My Sunshine Blogger Award

  This is such a fun positive thing and I'm happy to be nominated and involved. The lovely KellyKinetics nominated me and I'm super excited to try to answer her questions to the best of my ability lol and to nominate 11 people myself! Yay. You should totally go check out Kelly's blog... lots of [...]

Imposter Syndrome

I received an award today, and at the dinner right before I was about to go up, I felt a bout of imposter syndrome take over me.  Do I really deserve this? The award recognized me for mentoring other women and promoting gender equality.  I believe that I do these things, but in my moment [...]