Blogust Reflection

Blogging every day for a month really reminded me of when I was younger and I used to write every day. Expressing myself was something that got stifled for various reasons, and I am continually trying to recommit to creative expression whether that's through what I wear, my makeup, writing creatively, etc It's so hard [...]

Blogust 31

Last day of blogging ... every day of August. Lol. I'm not doing well but at least I'm eating Italian tonight. I'll likely post a reflection of my blogust challenge soon. I did it. Posted every day of August. Yay. It was cool to see my ups and downs throughout the month and even though [...]

Blogust 30

Where did the time go? I was semi productive today. Worked on my dissertation proposal. Did Zumba, ate lunch with my mom and did errands, and did some other work from home for a job of mine. I went on a lovely walk by myself this evening. It's gorgeous. I wish it were always like [...]