How Beautiful We Were Book Review

… just wow. I’ve not been so impressed with a novel in a long time. Some of the different perspectives and time hopping left me a little disoriented and confused, but I’ve never been good with books not being more or less linear. Just how my brain is. I would be curious to see if [...]

The Great Gatsby Review

Tender is the Night stole my heart, so I had high expectations for this. I didn't end up liking Gatsby as much as I thought I would. I think I actually found it a bit boring to read about rich people who only speak about being rich and attractive with nothing better to do than [...]

The Silent Patient Book Review [yes spoilers]

As with many popular books that are recommended to me … I didn’t particularly like this one. It was a fast and engaging read, but perhaps being a therapist myself ruined it for me. And I suppose I also don’t enjoy the sensationalization of mental illness. I knew something was up with Theo from the [...]

Harry Potter and the Half Blood🩸 Prince – Review

Finally finished this one. Time got away from me during the semester as usual. Wow. This one may be my favorite of the series, though everyone seems to like the third one. The Half Blood Prince is pretty dark though. I found the last parts where Dumbledore drank that green liquid and his subsequent demise [...]

The Vanishing Half – Book Review [Yes, Spoilers]

First and foremost I need to mention that my comments are embedded in my experience as a white, educated, privileged, able-bodied, heterosexual, cis female. Truly, even though I found this book heartbreaking over and over, I didn't want it to end. Brit Bennet is a wonderful story-teller. That alone made this a captivating read... but [...]

Hidden Valley Road Book Review

Aside from every psychologist and mental health professional needing to read this... I would add that everyone does too lol. Not only does it offer invaluable insight into the world of schizophrenia, but also the historical context and development of how mental illness was seen and treated over the years. It has such gendered connotations [...]

All The Weight of Our Dreams

This book... is ... amazing. Everyone needs to read it, but especially helping professionals. It’s a powerful illumination of intersectional experiences that help to expand/challenge the prevailing white cis male autism narrative. It reinforces how you cannot tease apart being a woman, black, autistic, x y z other identity markers. They don't exist in a [...]