Blogust 5

Calling all professors Calling all professors Especially the new ones--- Who feels overwhelmed about the Fall semester? *raises hand* I'm trying to remember that it's normal to be nervous as a new-ish professor. I'm trying to remember that teaching online is inherently stressful when you didn't plan to teach online. I'm trying to remember that [...]


It’s not something that I would normally describe myself as. I do want to memorialize this moment in time. It was before my dissertation defense and I WAS feeling confident. And yes I took off my blazer because I was hot and put it back on before I defended my dissertation via zoom. Lol I [...]

Imposter Syndrome

I received an award today, and at the dinner right before I was about to go up, I felt a bout of imposter syndrome take over me.  Do I really deserve this? The award recognized me for mentoring other women and promoting gender equality.  I believe that I do these things, but in my moment [...]