Wellness Wednesday: Conscious Releasing

I still do not feel very well, and even when things are going well for me on the outside, it usually does not resonate on the inside. I have been focused on my PhD program, as I should be. I just passed my comprehensive exams without needing to make revisions and I won at $500 [...]


Wellness Wednesday

Not doing much better since my post last night, but I do try to hang on to the fact that there are some days that I do well and that when some things in my life straighten out over the next year or so I'll probably be better able to take care of myself. I [...]

Binge Eating and Trauma

I think I've recently realized just how much trauma affects every aspect of your life. Like, every aspect. Even when I'm feeling pretty good, I find myself looking for things that I should worry about or that I might have forgotten to pay attention to, almost as if my brain is like uncomfortable with peace. [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Doubting Yourself

I think it's normal to doubt yourself. Most humans do at certain points. However, relational trauma coupled with anxiety and spell disaster and cultivate paralyzing self-doubt. I try to combat my paranoid thoughts that pop up from time to time. Thoughts that I'm not good enough, that my friends actually don't like me, that my [...]

Anticipatory Anxiety, What a Joy

On the eve of my final semester of classes for my doctorate program, er ... It's not even evening yet. It's the afternoon. Anyway, I'm already plagued with a right chest and worried about making a fool of myself and already thinking that I'm doing something wrong or forgot to do something or will be [...]

Relational Trauma: Soft Exterior Masks Silent Rage

With this short break between summer classes and the fall semester, I have had a lot of time to reflect. That can be good and bad. Nature has always been a safe haven for me. I remember running to the large garden in my backyard and hiding among the blossoms as a child to get [...]