Nothing Feels Inspired or Energizing

I feel too exhausted to really engage in my creative endeavors even on the weekends. I’m not sure what to do about that. There doesn’t seem to be many options for juggling things at this point though I have considered making drastic changes so I can pursue what I want to while earning a decent [...]

Dream Analysis: Violent

I had such a stressful day today... didn't sleep well. This dream also through me off. Like bad. Tried to work out, felt kinda off and angsty all day and couldn't calm myself back down. Didn't help that power tools were going off in the house either. Content warning--violence. I was swimming at this public [...]

Dream Analysis: Sometimes you don’t know what beauty could lie behind a closed door. 

So you know how you have dreams and then you normally forget them soon after you wake up, or at least after a few days? Well, I had one probably two weeks ago, but it kept popping into my head. And if you're into Freud or Jung like I am (in some regards), you may [...]

Wellness Wednesday

I've been dragging. Lots of stress lately so I have been overeating. Someone actually mentioned that they thought I lost weight, so that almost fueled my overeating in a weird way. I'm not quite sure how my relationship with food gets so out of wack sometimes. When I'm feeling less anxious and more balanced, eating [...]

Night Terror Last Night

Feeling upside down today. My anxiety has been relatively calm since I returned from Belize, so I am not sure what, if anything, spurred this. I spoke with my therapist about my dream this morning. I had the sensation that it was a long and involved dream, but here are the bits I remember: I [...]