Hawk Symbolism

I've been dreaming so much more lately... or, rather, I've been remembering more. So I dreamt that a lovely brown/red hawk landed near me and I started taking a picture of it with my phone. I remember feeling happy. Then I remember seeing its long spindly talons as it climbed onto my forearm. My happiness/excitement [...]


I haven't remembered my dreams much lately, but woke with two sticking out prominently in my mind, which is a bit odd. I was eating dinner on a river walk in my home town (Batavia, Illinois) with an ex and an old best friend. There was a child and mom in the booth behind us. [...]

If I’m not in a space where I can be happy for you

Then I don't want to be around you. Because that's generally not me... usually I'm able to share joy with people, but it's snowing outside and even though I started off my day well-rested and I was super productive in terms of writing today... I'm just off and not feeling it. Hopefully swimming laps will [...]

Anxiety Dream Analysis

Soooo my anxiety inevitably affects my dreams. Thursday night into Friday I stayed up until 3 am working on converting the references in a book chapter I helped write from APA to Chicago Style. Not the most fun task, but it had to be done. That night I had a very vivid dream, which hasn't [...]