Distance and Connection

There's security in only allowing others to see you at your best Made up well-dressed. But pale, sickly Lip bloodied Feels too raw, My image sullied. What could be better than to remain at a safe distance a curated image untouched. You might be anything exciting in their mind But too far away from their [...]

How to know when it’s time to let someone go.

This is so important, and I've been working on it for a while. And no, I'm not speaking romantically, but I suppose these tips could fit with that situation as well. You know that feeling you get when there's just tension surrounding your connection with someone and you don't know why? Maybe it's lingering history, [...]

Redefining Therapy

One of my friends is going through a hard time. Today we both went to the local Y and swam laps. I'm not his therapist, I'm his friend, but I found myself wondering about doing something similar with my clients. Or winning the lottery and opening a facility where I could have a session that [...]