Seascape Saturday

Uncertainty is temporary, as all things are. But the sea remains. And the avenues forward will become clear again. I want to preface this post with saying that I am not in any way trying to make light of the current COVID19 situation. It's terrifying. It's unprecedented. One person dying from it is too many. [...]

Disability and Sexuality

Disability and sexuality is a topic that is often ignored, unfortunately. I'm rectifying that with my dissertation as well as this blog 🙂 Check out the latest blog I crafted as well as Angelus!

Wellness Wednesday: Short But On Time

Too many people, especially in the U.S. (myself included) live for the future: I will be happy when... I graduate I have that relationship that I want I have X amount of money or material thing I'm guilty of this. I keep thinking: head down, it'll be worth it. But lately I've thought: Fuck that. [...]

Wellness Wednesday: embodied whilst ill

So who gets strep throat in August? *enthusiastically raises hand* If you're sick along with having anxiety, it can be hard to stay in the present moment but try to take care of yourself by Drinking enough water  Taking needed meds Drinking hot tea  Breathing Being kind to yourself  Getting enough rest  Not forcing yourself [...]