Wellness Wednesday: Perspective 

I slept better than I've slept for a long time Sunday into Monday, but last night it felt like I didn't sleepy at all. I know that's not true though because I remember a dream I had.  Anyway, it's always rough when my night isn't restful and my chest hurts because of anxiety and I [...]


Your daughter doesn’t owe you a hug

I saw a post with this title on Facebook... and yes, it goes for sons too, but oftentimes girls are taught to acquiesce to the wants of others and that needs to stop. I remember numerous times as a kid feeling angry and like I wanted to punch something when I felt forced to hug [...]

I’m not doing well.

I think throughout my doctorate program I did a pretty good job of keeping up with self-care until now. I think being stretched so thin and having to immerse myself in so many different research projects and presentations has finally caught up with me and I can't think straight. I try to make a list [...]

I’m getting ready to sleep and face another week

Sometimes I wonder if I should have went to school for something different... something that would allow for me to work from home, not interact with people, and just hide away. I don't know what that might be... as I'm not very interested in computers or anything, but, I do wonder if I've made the [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Last Time Meditation

This wellness post is coming to you around midnight my time... that counts, right? I know I will likely have zero free time tomorrow (after I sleep) because I have a doctor's appointment, want to swim laps, have meetings to go to regarding dissertation things and presenting at a conference next week, class, and I [...]