Blogust 16

I was pretty productive today. Finished the draft of chapter three of my dissertation proposal. Only have chapter one and two left to finish up. Today I noticed my tendency to always think I'm doing something wrong and assuming the worst. When my boss butt dialed me and I called back I assumed I would [...]


Blogust 15

Busy day. I feel sort of accomplished but rushed. Had my first lesson in driving a manual transmission today and only stalled out once. I'm doing things that I always believed myself too anxious to try before, so that's a plus. I never would have started Zumba at the Y. But now I go a [...]

Blogust 13

Worked on my dissertation today, went to Zumba and saw 4 clients in a row at the private practice. Was great to see progress that my clients have made, but I'm spent-- more so because of dissertation worries than anything else. I think overeating brings up a lot for me. I notice how much better [...]

Blogust 10

Worked for an hour on my dissertation today and that's all I could muster. But that's ok. I'm going to a great restaurant tonight and likely swimming tomorrow. Things will get done when they're supposed to get done and I'm not killing myself over it. I know my anxiety can get to dangerous levels. And [...]

Blogust 9

About to go to a demolition derby. Things are moving along with my dissertation process. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and have faith that I'll actually graduate and get a job. A mentor of mine sent me words of encouragement today, which was so appreciated. She said to enjoy where I'm at [...]