“Seascape” Saturday

Because I was on the water today I thought I would make this gem count. I haven't paddle boarded before, and I actually was able to stand up for a lot of the time. I thought it would be good practice especially for (likely) trying to surf in the near future. The water in some [...]

Even Storms Pass

You may feel like the storm, constantly twisting and turning in on itself and dissolving. You may worry that this storm will destroy you and that you'll disappear afterward too. Storms can be beautiful, but you are not the storm. You are the entire atmosphere.

Simple Meditation/Relaxation Exercise

If you are feeling closed in and disconnected from those around you and feel as if no one understands, try to find a place outside where you can comfortably lie down on a towel with minimal distractions. Ideally, this is a place that does not feel closed in by trees on all sides and is [...]