Out of the Depths

You may feel as though no one can see or understand the depth of your pain. But once you bring that pain out into the light, to the surface It loses its power and its grip on you because you're no longer hiding it trying to conceal it. The shame lessens A real, raw, integrated [...]

After You – Jojo Moyes

3/5 Stars So, sequels are hard. I get it. I was pretty disappointed with this up until maybe the last fifth of the book. Specific, I know. Anyway, my first major grievance was that I didn't think Lou would just take Lily in. Sure, yes, she is Will's daughter, but I feel like Lou wouldn't [...]

The Lost Boy – Dave Pelzer

5/5 I read A Child Called It, I think, while either in college or high school and this next book in the trilogy has been on my shelf for a while. I am not quite sure what exactly made me reach for it, during this Winter break from classes of my doctorate program, but I [...]