Blogust 5

Calling all professors Calling all professors Especially the new ones--- Who feels overwhelmed about the Fall semester? *raises hand* I'm trying to remember that it's normal to be nervous as a new-ish professor. I'm trying to remember that teaching online is inherently stressful when you didn't plan to teach online. I'm trying to remember that [...]

Blogust Day 2

When I have to stay indoors and the sun is shining and the trees are waving I feel like a little kid Watching my friends play I have absolutely always felt this way. And I was doing some more reflecting on what I wrote about yesterday, that maybe neurodiversity does fit for me, but at [...]

Blogust! Attention, Focus, and Neurodiversity

Greetings! I can't believe it is already August. 2020 appears to have sucked time into a void or something. Anyway, I will be attempting to blog every day of August. Today's entry will be on attention and focus. I'm fairly certain that the term neurodiverse likely fits for me. I was recently watching a YouTube [...]